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‘Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -training in English 2019

Ergosolutions BC Oy Ab
organises in 2019

‘Ergonomic patient handling card® -training in

Contact session location(s) and dates upon agreement

Aim of the basic1 Finnish ‘Ergonomic patient handling card® [later Card] -training scheme
-       is to define the competencies, skill, and knowledge levels needed to be able to perform patient transfers safely; to ensure compliance with legislative requirements,
-       to ensure compliance with legislative requirements,
-       to improve both patient safety and the quality of care.
-       By means of the scheme's exam, nurses can prove their competence.
Target group
Teachers, educators, lecturers and trainers in the healthcare sector, physiotherapists, nurses interested in Economic Ergonomic Safe Patient Handling movement | Mobility EESPHM

Time            The E-learning phase (from wherever your computer resides) starts with info (via Skype) on ? 2019. ending on ? 2019 in Moodle learning base.
Who wishes to attempt to obtain the Card need to be present at both a) & b)
a)     The contact sessions last for 2½-3½ days (including the exam) length of time and location(s) yet to be agreed with the participants
b)     Exam - demonstrations of practical skills is set for ? 2019

Content       in a poster (tailor-made for the particular participant group), + discussions

Extent of the course
3 credit points

Trainer        Leena Tamminen-Peter, PhD, teacher of Nursing and Occupational Physiotherapist
Price           € 744 / participant (€ 600 + € 144 = 24% VAT2 / participant)

                     The benefits of the Card -training is widely accepted in Finland. In workplaces with
extensive training, the benefits of the ergonomics and safe working methods are
evident. For example, one workplace’s statistics, 2013-2016, shows a gradual decrease
in sickness absences due to WMSDs of 29%. In another workplace reduction of sickness
absences due to WMSDs3 from 2013 to 2016 is 26%. Also, the following qualitative
results have been received: “Quality of the care has improved because nurses work in
a more patent activating way. Patients react less aggressively towards nurses. The
work is better planned than before. We do not need so many replacement nurses /
recruiting and teaching time is saved. The working atmosphere is better when people
are in less pain when working.”

Registration and information
                    To Leena Tamminen-Peter at the latest ?
mobile: +358 40 5447134

1basic, vs. since 2018 specialised  Ergonomic patient handling card®’ -perioperative care
  education scheme presently taught in Finnish only.
2Value Added Tax
3Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders
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